Melissa Fraser is a personal effectiveness expert.  She works with busy executives to build an annual one page life plan to accomplish goals that at one time seemed completely out of reach.  Using her one page system to life planning, Melissa was able to write and publish her first book in under 12 months.  The following year she launched her first broadcast TV program, Dream Funders, in just 11 months and 26 days. Every year Melissa uses her one page strategic planning system to accomplish the most far reaching goals as a testimony to her followers that her system works.  Her most recent accomplishment is the launch of two CEO peer advisory boards where groups of 16 CEO's meet monthly to learn from one another, and to speed up and improve their decision making.  

Melissa's Story

At an early age, Melissa learned the importance of extreme focus and discipline.  An average student who had previously spent her time divided between several sports and extra-curricular activities, Melissa got a rude wake up call at age 15, after her parents sudden divorce, when she realized she had better prepare herself for a future where she may one day need to support herself.  By necessity, she reduced her activities down to just one sport, and began to focus her attention on attaining the grades and skills she would need to be successful.  This new found focus resulted in greatly improved grades, which translated to scholarships and business skills that allowed her to pay for her college education at the IU Kelley School of Business.  

When it was time to sit for the CPA exam, once again, Melissa's adapted skill of intense focus resulted in her passing the CPA exam in one sitting after four weeks of concentrated study.  

Like most entrepreneurs, Melissa is naturally wired to explore all shiny new objects; a character trait that has often landed her in trouble.  With a busy career running a multimillion dollar accounting practice, raising four kids, and struggling to have any time for personal goals, she found herself frustrated and stuck in a place where her life felt completely out of control.  She had adopted a one page strategic planning system for operating her firm, and got an epiphany one day to follow the same system on herself.  In 2013, she created her first a one page life plan to get herself back on track.  A one page plan requires things to be eliminated, and that has always, for Melissa, been the hardest part. Now she works with busy executives to help them simplify their lives, eliminate the unnecessary, and gain traction at a lightening pace on their life long goals.


Melissa is a professional speaker on personal effectiveness. She teaches busy executives how to use her one page system to align their careers with their long term life goals, and to achieve monumental results year after year.  

She is the founder of Breakout Business, a company that coaches CEOs and their teams to create companies to outperform and outlast their competition.